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IMG/VR database: genomes of cultivated and uncultivated viruses

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Recent experimental and computational improvements have led to a dramatic increase in the number of viral genome sequences identified primarily from metagenomic samples. On this page, the viral sequences publicly released in IMG/VR, which have been collected from NCBI RefSeq and IMG metagenomes, can be downloaded in bulk (see Download tab). The IMG/VR system ( serves as a starting point for the analysis of viral genome fragments derived from metagenomic samples: virus detection methods and host assignment approaches in IMG/VR are described in the following papers:





Files are available for each IMG/VR release in separate folders identified by the release date. Available files include:

If you use this resource, please cite the appropriate reference corresponding to the IMG/VR version used (for the latest: 

The different download releases correspond to different versions of the website as follows:

  • IMG_VR_2017-01-01_2 - IMG/VR
  • IMG_VR_2018-01-01_3 - IMG/VR v2
  • IMG_VR_2018-07-01_4 - IMG/VR v2
  • IMG_VR_2020-09-10_5 - IMG/VR v3
  • IMG_VR_2020-10-12_5.1 - IMG/VR v3
  • IMG_VR_2022-09-20_6 - IMG/VR v4 - all sequences
  • IMG_VR_2022-09-20_6.1 - IMG/VR v4 - high-confidence genomes only
  • IMG_VR_2022-09-20_7 - IMG/VR v4.1 (bugfix UViG table & protein fasta) - all sequences
  • IMG_VR_2022-09-20_7.1 - IMG/VR v4.1  (bugfix UViG table & protein fasta) - high-confidence genomes only