Shewanella sp. ANA-3

Shewanella sp. strain ANA-3.
Strain ANA-3 was originally isolated from a wooden pier within a brackish estuarine environment at Woods Hole, MA, and it is characterized by a unique As(V) respiratory metabolism and a remarkable salinity tolerance range (Saltikov et al. 2003). Further, ANA-3 grows faster and at higher temperatures (37 C) than many other Shewanella species, including S. oneidensis MR-1, however, it does not grow with DMSO as terminal electron acceptor, as most Shewanella species do. Therefore, its sequencing would offer insight into interesting physiological adaptation strategies, including adaptations to fluctuating salt concentrations, and contribute to the better coverage of the phylogenetic sequence continuum that we seek to achieve, i.e., it represents a unique cluster in the 16S rRNA gene tree, while physiological data further support that it is a different organism from its close neighbors also proposed for sequencing.