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download tab higlighted within the navigation


The "Download" button is available from CART. This feature is recommended for the transfer of files in zip to your computer.

Please be aware that there are limitations for the amount of data to be stored on the disk.

Filter your downloads with a File Type or/and File Name Pattern and click the button "Download"

screenshot of downloadPage with Cart Figure A. Filtering of files. Download files in bulk with portal or via Globus

Filter portals in the cart to limit the number or type of files you will download.

Filter is based on:

  1. the file type (annotation, assembly, etc)
  2. a file pattern.(Figure B, 3)

From the CART the users have 2 options to download.

Click the blue button "Download" (Figure A,1) Using this option will result in a download through your browser.

Review the dialog box

screenshot of dialog1 with Cart Figure B. Number of files and their size reported to download

The dialog box appears for the user with the information regarding the user's submission and what to expect.

Click the "Submit" button to proceed with your request

Review the dialog box with the info of your submission.

screenshot of dialog2 with Cart Figure C. Statement with successful submission

The new dialog box appears with the statement about the successful submission or error.

Receive email from [email protected]

screenshot of email Figure D. Email with the link to staged files

When email received from [email protected] follow the link.

Download zip with all relevant files to your portals in CART