Cucumis sativus v1.0
Please note that the latest data is available at Phytozome.

Cucumis sativis, or cucumber, is a member of the Curcurbiteae which includes important crops such as melon, watermelon, squash and pumpkin. The Gy14 gynoecious inbred line was sequenced de novo using an appropriate mixture of random shotgun and paired-end shotgun reads sequenced with 454-XLR technology. The completeness of the 203 Mbp assembly is supported by the mapping of over 99% of the ~2 million 454-XLR ESTs. Comparison with the genetic map of cucumber supports the long-range accuracy of the assembly, as does the gross comparative analysis vs. other related plant genomes. These results demonstrate the use of next generation long-read pyrosequencing methods for the sequencing of complex genomes.

The cucumber genome project collaborators include Jason Affourtit, Chinnappa Kodira, James R. Knight, Brian A. Desany, Mohammed Mohiuddin, Gerald Irzyk, Cynthia Turcotte, and Pascal Bouffard (454); Tim T Harkins (Roche); Jason Miller, Sergey Koren, Brian Walenz, and Granger Sutton (JCVI); Therese Mitros and Dan Rokhsar (Berkeley and DOE JGI), and Yiqun Weng and Jack Staub (USDA). A manuscript describing the sequencing and analysis of the genome is in preparation.