Selaginella moellendorffii v1.0
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Unless otherwise noted, all files are in FASTA format and compressed with Gnu Zip (gzip).To uncompress files: on Mac use StuffIt, on PC use WinZip or WinRAR.

NOTE: Masked regions are represented with lowercase characters; gaps in the assembly are represented with Ns.


Assembled scaffolds (unmasked): Selmo1_assembly_scaffolds.fasta.gz

Assembled scaffolds (masked): Selmo1_assembly_scaffolds_repeatmasked.fasta.gz


"Filtered Models" is the filtered set of models representing the best gene model for each locus. "All Models" represents all models generated for this genome which may include redundant model sets for each locus. "Frozen Gene Catalog" contains all manual curations as of September 10, 2008 as well as automatically annotated models chosen from the Filtered Models 1 set.

Filtered Models ("best")

Filtered models 2

Proteins: Selmo1_GeneModels_FilteredModels2_aa.fasta.gz

Transcripts: Selmo1_GeneModels_FilteredModels2_nt.fasta.gz

Genes: Selmo1_GeneModels_FilteredModels2.gff.gz

Filtered models 3

Proteins: Selmo1_GeneModels_FilteredModels3_aa.fasta.gz

Transcripts: Selmo1_GeneModels_FilteredModels3_nt.fasta.gz

Genes: Selmo1_GeneModels_FilteredModels3.gff.gz

Functional Annotations

EC annotations and KEGG pathway mappings:

GO annotations:

KOG annotations:

All Models, Filtered and Not

Proteins: Selmo1_GeneModels_AllModels_20071019_aa.fasta.gz

Transcripts: Selmo1_GeneModels_AllModels_20071019_nt.fasta.gz

Genes: Selmo1_GeneModels_AllModels_20071019.gff.gz


Clustered ESTs: Selmo1_EstClusters_556_S_moellendorffii_Jgi20060227.fasta.gz

Single ESTs: Selmo1_Ests_naEstSelaginella_moellendorffiiAll20060227.fasta.gz