Populus trichocarpa v1.1
Please note that this organism is for archival use only. Please see the current Poplar site on Phytozome for the latest data and information.

Download Data

Unless otherwise noted, all files are in FASTA format and compressed with Gnu Zip (gzip).To uncompress files: on Mac use StuffIt, on PC use WinZip or WinRAR.

NOTE: Masked regions are represented with lowercase characters; gaps in the assembly are represented with Ns.

Annotation v1.1 (December 2004)

Please Note: annotation v1.1 is based on the assembly release v1.0.

Proteins: proteins.Poptr1_1.JamboreeModels.fasta.gz

Transcripts: transcripts.Poptr1_1.JamboreeModels.fasta.gz

Genes: Poptr1_1.JamboreeModels.gff.gz

Coming soon: manually curated set of genes based on revised v1.1 annotations

Functional Annotation

GO annotations: Poptr1_1.goinfo.tab.gz

KOG annotations: Poptr1_1.koginfo.tab.gz

EC annotations and KEGG pathway: Poptr1_1.ecpathwayinfo.tab.gz

InterPro domains: Poptr1_1_domaininfo_FilteredModels5.tab.gz

Assembly Release v1.0 (June 2004)

Assembled scaffolds (unmasked): poplar.unmasked.fasta.gz

Assembled scaffolds (masked): poplar.masked.fasta.gz