Hyalopycnis blepharistoma ATCC 48560 v1.0
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ML phylogeny of the Pucciniomycotina
ML phylogeny of the Pucciniomycotina. 5 letter taxon codes denote genus (first 3 letter) and species (last 2 letters). Hyabl1 = Hyalopycnis blepharistoma

Hyalopycnis blepharistoma ATCC 48560 is a member of the Heterogastridiales and close relative of Heterogastridium pycnidioideum ATCC MYA-4631, a lineage already sequenced at JGI and available through the MycoCosm genome portal (Hetpy1). Hyalopycnis blepharistoma was sequenced as part of the 1000 fungal genomes sequencing project.