What's New in 8.0

In version 8.0 of the JGI Genome Portal team have developed new feature for search and made improvements for the website. This development will enable greater flexibility and support with respect to the JGI Genome Portal infrastructure. If you are new to the portal, you might also want to check out our "Help" section here.

My Favorites

screenshot of Search Results Figure 1. "My favorites" page dialog with saved search results

The JGI Genome Portal Group is introducing a new way to track your projects. To start using this new feature please 1. login, 2. execute search, 3. save results.

The access to the feature available at the left corner of the search panel.

This feature allows you:
  • To review private projects that you have access to within "My Private Projects" of "My favorites".
  • To save filtered search results to "My Favorites"
  • To select certain projects (Cherry picking) from search and save them for future tracking/review.

Find more about "My favorites" here.

Variety of ways to download different data

Available download files are presented in a tree based on the data-type Figure 2. Download function access page for Fusobacteria project. A user can select any relevant data set/s of raw data, genome assembly and analysis results

1. Many new types of JGI data are now available to download (fig.1):

File types supported:

  • All RAW
  • Assemblies
  • Quality Control
  • Results of analysis
  • Files archived to tape (NERSC HPSS)

2. For users who need to download a large number of files or large files (up to several hundred gigabytes), data are available via the public JGI endpoint on Globus (https://www.globus.org).

3. For users who need to download data using scripting or programming we provide the service described in the documentation on the Genome Portal web site.